Head-quartered in Sweden, Legendo Entertainment is a creator of games and entertainment properties inspired by myth, legend, vintage arcade games, comic books, classic novels and historical events.

2014. In short, our flipper series Pure Pinball will receive multiple updates and new tables, custom built as well as new designs based off global brands in sports and entertainment categories. You can also expect more than one update to our beloved little vampire-twins that are the Dracula Twins! In addition, there are more platform romps in the pipeline so be sure to check back here regularly for updates.

2013. The year of the returning classics! Two household Legendo titles, Dracula Twins and Pure Pinball. A spiritual sequel and remake to the 2006 incarnation of the same name, Dracula Twins swooped down onto iOS on Halloween, October 31st. The initial release offered five action-packed levels plus a cliffhanger boss for the cost of precisely zero as Dracula Twins debuted In-App Backing, a friendly and non-intrusive funding system that allowed fans to support Legendo financially at the end of the game if they so wished (by purchasing in-game support items that update player graphics cosmetically, without affecting gameplay).

The year also held a surprise re-release of Pure Pinball that made its return (to the App Store initially) after a 10 year hiatus. Originally released with four and three tables on the original Xbox and PC respectively, in 2003/2004, the revamped Pure Pinball came with a new, custom-built pinball engine and a brutal, blood-thirsty table entitled T-Rex Savage, sporting spiffy 3D graphics running at 60 frames per second, all-inclusive with Game Center support, Airplay functionality and gameplay so intense players adrenaline was ensured to be pumping a lot longer than a little while!

2012. Due to its insistent popularity we’ve decided to publish the remaining parts of the Pearl Harbor Trilogy along with a slight remake of 1941: Red Sun Rising on undisclosed platforms. We’ll also be embarking on several new and exciting projects inspired by 80s arcade and retro console games. If you want to find out exactly what these will be, well, you’ll just have to come and visit us again next year. In other breaking news, we’ve ceased development on Wii and traditional consoles. It was fun while it lasted, but it’s time for us to move into the future.

2011. January saw the global launch of Ghost Mania. But that was only the beginning of what would be a hectic year for us as we began to shift our focus from consoles to iDevices, Mac and PC. Our first release of the year was The Three Musketeers: One for All! which went on sale on the Mac App Store in May. After that we started work on a new Dracula Twins game for iOS and Fortune Winds: Ancient Trader for Mac and PC. The latter is the successor to Ancient Trader, a critically acclaimed Xbox 360 indie title that was awarded an impressive 8/10 by both Eurogamer and EDGE.

2010. Pearl Harbor Trilogy – 1941: Red Sun Rising was published worldwide to critical acclaim, and was awarded 80%+ from a variety of gaming magazines and websites. Development was also completed on Ghost Mania which is a WiiWare remake of Spooky Spirits with new graphics and game modes for Nintendo’s download service.

2009. After completing Spooky Spirits in 2008 we began to channel our energies into the remastering of The Three Musketeers for Wii, which would hit Nintendo’s WiiWare download service in the spring (North America) and soon after in Europe. Such was the love we felt towards this revamped version we gave it its own name – The Three Musketeers: One for All!. The game had the added dimension of allowing players to control sword attacks with the Nunchuk. A lesser known though no less important fact is that it was also the first console game published by a Swedish company in North America. Ever! Ok, so perhaps it’s not quite as important, but we’re proud of the fact nonetheless.

2008. This was the year that saw the release of ghostly puzzle game Spooky Spirits. Amongst a number of glowing reviews was one from, which awarded the game a whopping 8.5/10, proclaiming Spooky Spirits as, “one gorgeous game,” that features, “A high level of polish and pizzazz.” Sadly, Spooky Spirits is no longer listed on our website as its haunting tenancy was taken over by the even more ghoulish Ghost Mania on WiiWare. Finnish developer Innogiant developed an iPhone version of Spooky Spirits, but that’s no longer available either. Is this the last we’ll see of this eerie puzzle game? Whoooooo knooooows. Ahem… sorry.

By 2007, Legendo was on a roll. However, not prepared to rest on our laurels we pushed on to another new project Attack on Pearl Harbor, a World War II air-combat action extravaganza that allowed players to fight through the infamous battle as a member of either the US or Japanese forces. Attack on Pearl Harbor was lavished with critical acclaim, receiving 84% from GamingTrend, 78% from PC Gamer magazine, 74% from PC Format and 7.0 from, which praised the game’s, “engaging campaigns and fast-flowing action.

2006 saw us release 3D platform romp Dracula Twins, an adventure in which Dracula’s son and daughter – aka the twins – battled to thwart the evil Doctor Lifelust from using their father’s blood to concoct an elixir of life. The game received many plaudits, with legendary UK PC gaming magazine PC Zone stating that, “It’s obvious from the outset just how much skill and attention to detail has been put into this, with the 3D engine almost on a par with many full-priced retail platform adventures.” High praise indeed for a game developed with a fraction of the resources of most retail products.

2005. Having swapped our old company name for a shiny new one in 2004, we quickly set about our new mission objective: to become a digital download publisher of computer and video games based on myths, legends, classic novels and historical events. Our first release was zany platform adventure The Three Musketeers, inspired by Alexandre Dumas’ classic novel. As vivacious musketeer Porthos you embarked on a swashbuckling adventure of swordplay and puzzle solving in a bid to rescue your captured comrades. It wasn’t long before the praise began rolling in, with the game receiving a nomination for Family Game of the Year at the 2006 Game Awards in Sweden and critical acclaim from leading casual gaming review sites. But that was just the beginning…

1998-2004. A long time ago in a place, far far away – well, Sweden actually – a company called Iridon Interactive was formed. It would trade under this name for six years, during which time it gained extensive experience in the international game publishing and development sectors with titles such as Total Soccer 2000 on PC, Pure Pinball on Xbox, and Turbo Turtle Adventure on GameBoy Advance. But all good things must be replaced by even better things. That’s when we changed our name from Iridon Interactive to Legendo Entertainment. We changed our direction too. In fact about the only thing that didn’t change was our base of operations in Sweden, perhaps it was the tropical weather that kept us here.