Pearl Harbor Trilogy – 1941: Red Sun Rising

Air-Combat Action for WiiWare™ ::  700 Wii Points

Pearl Harbor Trilogy is a series of air-combat action games that takes place in the Pacific Theatre of WW2 and lets players fight for Japan or the US in fighter, bomber and torpedo aircraft, including the legendary A6M2 Zero and P-40 Warhawk.

The series began life as Attack on Pearl Harbor on the PC in 2007 and included four campaigns. It was later converted and broken up into a trilogy for Nintendo’s Wii console for which the first part 1941: Red Sun Rising (which includes two campaigns, US and Japanese) was a critical and commercial success.


“It is a whole lot of fun and a title that is a no-brainer to recommend. …one of the best looking and sounding WiiWare games to date.”

8.5/10 – Nintendo World Report


  • Take off from aircraft carrier decks and historical military bases as you conduct covert strikes, engage in furious dogfights and fly search and destroy missions.
  • Fly the deadliest fighter, bomber and torpedo-bearing aircraft of the Pacific War including the A6M2 Zero and the P-40 Warhawk!
  • Featuring two campaigns spanning the early years of the Pacific War, you can play as either the United States Naval Air Force or the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Force.
  • Practice your air-combat skills in the Avenging Ace or Survival dogfight modes.
  • Missions include Pearl Harbor, Midway, Guadalcanal, Wake Island, Battle of the Coral Sea and more!

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“It’s a wonderful piece of work, serving as one of WiiWare’s highlights since its inception.”

26/30 –

“…a cracking dogfighter that’s every bit as good as Blazing Angels, if not better considering the cheapo price.”


“An immensely rewarding challenge, well implemented controls and a fair amount of bang for your buck…”

8/10 – PALGN Australia


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